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Tea Bowl for Matcha
Ninsei Maccha Bowl
Setoyaki Aichi Japan
W 123 X H 80 mm
230 g (8.11 oz)
About 450 ml
Shipping weight
4,860 yen
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NK-005 Setoyaki Ninsei Maccha Bowl (Aichi Prefecture, Setoyaki)
The fashion and burning of this Maccha Bowl is based on the method and artwork of the famous potter Nonomura Ninsei (ca.1648-1690) who is called the father of Kyo-yaki (Kyoto pottery).
This high-fired, smooth-surfaced ware has finely enamelled decoration on a cream earthen body covered with a crackled glaze.
This tea bowl adapts well to the shape of your hand and is easy to carry.

About handling maccha bowls

Setoyaki (Seto city, Aichi prefecture) belongs to the main six kilns of Japanese pottery.

The six main places of Japanese ceramic ware are: Setoyaki, Tokoname, Echizen, Shigarakiyaki, Tambayaki, Bizenyaki

from the top

from the bottomcup upside down
seal /stamppainting on the cup 

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Please note that we order certain matcha tools from various suppliers and will ship them as soon as they have been delivered to us.

Please do not use a dishwasher, microwave oven or electric oven.

About the use of tea ceremony tools ( maccha bowls etc.)
These items are made to be used with Japanese green tea.
We recommend that they are to be used with green tea exclusively.

About the use of tea ware items with paintings
Please use a soft sponge or rag for cleaning since harsh treatment of the surface might damage the picture.
Do not use strong detergents for washing your tea ware.

Tea ware is fragile!
We will pack and ship your order with utmost care to make sure that it will arrive safely at your home. However, please do not hesitate to contact us if any damage should have occured to your purchase. We might ask you to send us a digital image of the broken item and replace it thereafter.

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